Texas Administrators 12

DADS Approved 12 hours of annually required clock hours for home health and hospice Administrators/Alternate Administrators.

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This course covers:

Chapter 1: Find and Keep Great Caregivers

     - What is a Caregiver?

     - How Can You Find Quality Caregivers?

     - Interviewing a Caregiver

     - Performing Background Checks on Caregivers

     - Assessing the Client

     - Caregiver Pay

     - Training Caregivers

     - Motivating Caregivers

     - Disciplining Caregivers

     - How to Handle Caregiver Stress

     - Caregiver Resources

Chapter 2: Ethics – A Foundation for Success

     - Understanding Ethics

     - Importance of Ethics in Healthcare

     - Ethical Values

     - Ethics Committee

     - Creating and Ethical Organization

     - Ethical Dilemmas in Home Health

Chapter 3: Development and Interpretation of Agency Policies

     - Analyze the situation

     - Review your choices

     - Policy Development

     - Policy Interpretation

Chapter 4: Home Health Audit Toolkit

     - What is going on in the home health industry

     - New Affordable Care Act Rules to Fight Fraud

     - Defining Fraud and Abuse

     - Defining a Complaint of Fraud and Abuse

     - Bribes, Kickbacks, and Rebates

     - Overview of Home Health Changes

     - Designation of an Audit Response Officer

     - How to Perform a Self-Audit

     - How to Handle ZPICs

     - How to Handle ADRs

     - How to Handle RACs

Chapter 5: Ultimate Guide to Home Health Marketing

     - Why Marketing?

     - Anti-kickback Law

     - Problems Facing Home Care

     - Earning Clients

     - The Doctor’s Office

     - Hospital Referrals

     - Referral Zones

     - Growth Strategy

     - Creating Value & Growth Opportunities

     - Tips for Growing Your Business